Accu Cull Elite E-Con Culling Tag Mod Kit

Accu Cull

  • $39.99

The Accu-Cull E-Con Fish Culling Tag Mod Kit is made to set your culling tags the way you prefer. Use an existing lanyard of your choice and modify it by attaching it to the Accu-Cull Elite E-Con Fish Culling Tag clips. Accu-Cull Elite E-Con Culling Tags are a breakthrough in fish culling technology. The non-puncturing clips exert zero pressure on the fish when locked. There is no rubbing, smashing or sores.


Accu-Cull Elite E-Con Tag Kit Culling System Fishing Tool Features:

  • Non-puncturing clips so the fish is not harmed.
  • Use your existing lanyard system and attach to the Accu-Cull Elite E-Con Tags.
  • Tag clips exert zero pressure on the fish's jaws when locked.
  • Less stress on the fish to help prevent death.
  • 7 coloured clips per pack.


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