Missile Baits Shockwave Fish Bait 4.25"

Missile Baits

  • $5.99

Feel the fish blasting the Missile Baits Shockwave 4.25" when you put on this versatile swim bait. The Missile Baits Shockwave 4.25" bait has a medium tail swing and the thin tail gets kicking with just the slightest movement in the water. The split belly allows for Texas rigging but has plenty of body to thread on a jig or jig head. Use the Missile Baits Shockwave on a single jig head, on all of your umbrella rig heads, on the back of a Z Man ChatterBait, on the back of a swim jig, or on a Carolina rig.


Missile Baits Shockwave Fish Bait Features:

  • Medium tail swinging action.
  • Split belly allows for Texas rigging.
  • Length 4.25".
  • Made in USA.


Learn more about Missile Baits fishing lures at www.missilebaits.com.

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