Accu Cull All n One Mini Hook Keeper

Accu Cull

  • $8.99

With the Accu-Cull All n One Hook Keeper bait accessory, you can securely hold a fishing hook, drop shot weight, punch weight, jig or Texas rig. No more re-hooking the fishing bait!

For drop shot fishing setups, most anglers attach the fishing hook on the hook keeper and have the drop shot weight dangling around. This causes line tangles and can damage your fishing gear. Instead, use the Accu-Cull All n One Hook Keeper bait accessory to attach the drop shot weight securely to your fishing rod. No more hassle and no more mess!


Accu-Cull All n One Hook Keeper Bait Accessory Features:

  • Mounts anywhere along your fishing rod.
  • 4 O-ring sizes to fit most fishing rods.
  • Holds fishing line in place.
  • No more fishing line rubbing along your fishing rod or kinks along your fishing line.


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