Lunkerhunt Spud Spoons 3/8 oz


  • $7.99

The Lunkerhunt Spud Spoon is the ultimate jigging spoon. Balanced to perfection, the Lunkerhunt Spud spoon is designed for peak performance. 

Multi-faceted surfaces reflect light and feathered trebles pulse as the Lunkerhunt Spud spoon cuts through the water. 

You can mimic injured bait by pounding the bottom for a reaction strike, or lift and drop at different depths to catch feeding fish. The Lunkerhunt Spud spoon calls them in and generates strikes no matter how the fish are biting.


Lunkerhunt Spud Spoon Features:

  • Balanced to perfection.
  • Multi-faceted surfaces and feathered trebles pulse.
  • Mimics injured bait fish for reaction strikes.
  • 1 Lunkerhunt Spud Spoon lure per pack.

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