Lunkerhunt True Spin Crankbait


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The Lunkerhunt True Spin, 1.75" in length, 13/16 oz in weight, with a silver willow leaf tail blade, is able to generate explosive strikes. It shines in heavy current, deep water, when fish are suspended and when long casts are required. The bait’s subtle swimming action that will get you to the fish.

Cast the Lunkerhunt True Spin crankbait like an inline spinner, spinnerbait or chatterbait. Use alongside your electronics will result in record setting days. First, locate fish on your down scan and then drop your Hatch Spin down to them. If necessary, yo-yo it a few times and hang on.

The Lunkerhunt True Spin crankbait's realistic pattern, willow leaf tail action and strong treble hooks will help you land fish.


Lunkerhunt True Spin Crankbait Features:

  • Silver willow tail blade.
  • Subtle swimming action that entices fish strikes.
  • Use like a spinner, spinnerbait or chatterbait.
  • Jig for ice fishing techniques.
  • Length 1.75".
  • Weight 13/16 oz.
  • 1 Lunkerhunt True Spin crankbait per pack.


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