McGathys Hooks 1.5" Slab Grabbers Brass Spoon 6 mm Bead

McGathys Hooks

  • $6.99

The McGathys Hooks Slab Grabber is the first of many fishing jigs that have taken front stage on both performance and quality because it works well without a single piece of live bait! That's right! The designs take the place of live bait with no messy minnows, no extra costs and no cold hands. Our fishing jigs dance and dive fast when the fish are biting!

A simple snap swivel with any one of our numerous designs and you can become the king of the ice fishing world.

These fishing lures scream quality. It's like the Mercedes Benz of ice fishing jigs. Premium, solid, stainless steel or solid brass blades with razor sharp, nickel-forged fishing hooks that stay sharp, making our ice fishing jigs the lures your tackle box cannot do without.

Join in on the best kept secret and make this year the one you and your buddies will talk about!

All fishing jigs must be used with a snap swivel to work properly. Do not tie them directly to your line, or they will just spin in a circle and not give you the proper action.

McGathy's Hooks Slab Grabbers Spoon Features:

  • Length 1.5".
  • Brass metal blade.
  • Bead 6 mm.
  • Blade Shapes: Diamond, Round.
  • Made in USA.


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