Molix RA Shad Fish Bait


  • $10.52

The Molix RA Shad 3.8 and 4.5″ Swimbait is a super dense soft plastic swimbait enriched with a craw and fish scented formula for added fish attraction. Very durable, it generates an extremely natural swimming action – no matter what retrieve speed – thanks to its thin tail and ribbed body. Rig it weighted, weightless, or on a jig head, the Molix RA Shad is also an excellent swimbait for any Umbrella style rig.
The RA Shad 3.8 and 4.5″ is a tad thicked than the other and the right options for larger predators, both in fresh and saltwater.

Action: Sinking
Lenght: 3.8" (9.65cm) and 4.5" (11.45cm)

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