Boomerang Fishing Tool Big Snip


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The Boomerang Tool Company Big Snip fishing line cutter's larger blades cuts clean and precise through 150 lb braid and 250 lb mono and fluoro fishing lines. With the built-on carabiner, clip it to your hip or vest so it is always handy and never lost. Snip the fishing line and let it go, the built-in tether retracts back into place until you need it again. No more looking around the boat for a set of fishing pliers or nippers. With a Boomerang Big Snip fishing line cutter, you will spend more time with your fishing line in the water and less time looking for your fishing tool tool.


Boomerang Tool Company Big Snip Fishing Tool Features:

  • 36" retractable tether keeps your Boomerang Original Snip at your side.
  • Integrated safety feature locks the blade close when not in use.
  • Cuts 150 lb braid, 250 lb fluoro and mono fishing lines clean and smooth every time.
  • 420 stainless steel blades are corrosion resistant.
  • Easily attaches anywhere with the included carabiner.

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