Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant & Scent

Liquid Mayhem

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Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant & Scents takes a multi-faceted approach by focusing on four S’s of success:


When targeting a specific species in a specific lake, region or season, the most successful approach is to use a fish scent that matches the most sought after prey. All of our scents are made with real bait, enhanced with powerful amino acids and specially formulated bite attractants. No games, no gimmicks and no artificial chemicals or scents. 


Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant has the ultimate fishing nutrition since our fishing bait scents are made from the same creatures that your target fish species forage for every day. Whether it's shiners, chubs, pan fish or crawfish, our formulas are diverse and species specific.

Staying Power
Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant is easy to apply, and does not wash off after a few casts. Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant is formulated into a sticky matrix that grabs the fishing bait and holds on.


By strength we mean super-concentrated. Our packages are compact but go a long way. Don’t be fooled by fish attractants that are provided in 5 gallon pails. With liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant, a small dab is all that you will need.  Our concentrated 2 ounce tube fits into your fishing tackle box and will outlast larger, watered-down containers.

When you use Liquid Mayhem fishing bait scents, you are using real fish bait scents with superior staying power in a super-concentrated form. Try Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant today, and you will realize that it is unlike any other fishing bait scents you have ever used.


Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant & Scent Features:

  • Ultimate nutrition.
  • Super concentrated fish scents and fish attractants.
  • Long staying power.
  • Made with real fish bait and amino acids.


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