Musky Innovations Fluorocarbon Invisileaders

Musky Innovations Fluorocarbon Invisileaders

Musky Innovations

  • $13.99

Our new Musky Innovations InvisiLeader technology makes other "innovations" in fishing leaders look ordinary. Why use steel leaders that are highly visible and kink, or spend loads of money on titanium leaders that are just as visible as the steel leaders used 50 years ago?

Musky Innovations InvisiLeaders are virtually undetectable under water because fluorocarbon has a very similar refractory index to that of water. Once you try these new fishing leaders, you will never use 50 year old technology again. These fishing leaders give the appearance that your bait is swimming on its own through the water. Make no mistake, more fish will strike your fishing lure because it looks more like the real thing.


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